Bus Shelters

Bus shelter panels offer uncluttered showcases for advertising, mounted (usually two per shelter) in glass, (usually two per shelter) in glass frames..They provide 24-hour visibility to both vehicular and pedestrian traffic at high circulation locations.

Long Island Bus Shelters

Primary Uses

Used to reach metropolitan audiences for both national and local advertisers. Can be purchased and rotated throughout markets or by selective locations to reach specific target groups. Magazine-quality reproduction makes them effective for multiple uses, including point-of-purchase, directional, residential coverage, ethnic or micro-marketing. Often used in conjunction with other forms of Out-of-Home media.


Full range of colors and photographic reproduction usable. Design must consider vertical rectangle format (like magazines) for best visual communications. Research shows headlines positioned at top of bus shelter designs have better recall than those placed at bottom of display.


Circulation verification of TAB (Traffic Audit Bureau) in most markets. Reach and frequently can be calculated via several accepted media software programs. Other marketing data available from sellers.

Method of Purchase

Purchased in GRP programs rotated in four week intervals throughout a market. Some available for sale individually.

Bus Shelter Template


There are five different shelter sizes used around the country. When printing for multiple markets, make sure live area is printed for the smallest size opening, and overall poster size fits the largest shelter size. The printer can then trip for specific markets.

Overall Size

68-1/2″ H x 47-1/2″ W

Copy Area

67″ H x 46″ W


Small Quantities : Photographically or by digital technology (matte or glossy).
Large Quantities : Screen printed, photogelatine or offset lithography.
Note: reverse printing on the back will improve illumination quality of back-lit displays.


Photographically: Varicolor, PDI Laminate. Stock should be white, moderately transparent (12-15% light transmitting).


Outdoor inks or photographically.


scaled 1/4″ to 1′. Digital output resolution 300 dpi


Production in one section only.


15% per 4 weeks of posting.


Ten working days prior to posting date.


Finishing: trim to size, pack flat or soft-roll