Eco-Flex Vinyl Posters

Sunrise Outdoor Advertising is the largest outdoor advertising company on Long Island, New York. It has been in existence for over 25 years and it covers Nassau and Suffolk Counties with Eco-Flex Vinyl Posters.

Sunrise Outdoor Eco-Flex Poster

Primary Uses

Used as a full market coverage medium for reach and frequency. Packaged buys can also be tailored for specific marketing goals: i.e., supermarket coverage, focus on certain demographic areas.


One size is available: the standard Eco-Flex Vinyl Poster is a bleed poster and is surrounded by a white frame molding where the poster extended to the frame’s inner edges by a pulley system.


Circulation verification by TAB (Traffic Audit Bureau). Reach and frequency can be calculated via several accepted media software programs.

Method of Purchase

Purchased in GRP programs of different weights, typically in 4 to 52-week units depending on campaign objectives. Also can be sold singularly as premiere panel vinyl wraps.


Overall Size

12′ H x 24′ W

Viewing Area

10’5″ H x 22’8″ W


Finished art should be scaled 1″ to 1′. Digital output resolution 300 dpi.


15% over the number of posters indicated for the program.


Ten working days prior to posting date.